About Kyodo

Kyodo Company, Ltd.of Tokyo Japan began providing high quality rubber products in 1939. Today, Kyodo has grown into the largest rubber molder in Japan. In 1987 Kyodo expanded to Taiwan where they specialize in precision molding and Class "A" mold building. In one decade Kyodo has become one of the largest suppliers of quality plastic molded products and tooling in the Pacific Rim. For years it was the dream of Kyodo to expand their capabilities to the United States for the express purpose of providing the American market with the highest quality thermo plastic and rubber molds and parts, with prompt delivery and the lowest cost. With their global resources, Kyodo established a plant in Atlanta.Georgia in 1996 coinciding with the Centennial Olympics Games. Kyodo's 61,000 square foot facility, equipped with state-of-the-art production equipment, was the visualization of a dream come true.


The quality of plastic and rubber parts is directly determined by the quality of the mold. Kyodo's experience over the past 60 years has proven that the time tested engineering skills and worldwide production capabilities provide our customers with the highest quality molds and consequently, the highest quality parts available. Kyodo's staff, facilities,experience and dedication, assures our customers that satisfaction is guaranteed.


Each month Kyodo produces an enormous number of molds in Taiwan. Kyodo's experience and know-how, that comes with volume and careful cost analysis benefits our customers, saving money and time.


The secret to prompt delivery comes from increased efficiency through division of labor. With hundreds of mold makers producing thousands of molds each year, Kyodo divides its projects among specialist who are highly skilled in their particular area of mold making. This provides our customers with highly experienced and finely tuned experts for almost any imaginable mold making application. Our knowledge in action results in the shortest possible delivery of your mold. It is our goal to provide every customer with products and services that guarantee satisfaction.